A smarter way to collect,
store, and transport milk.

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Our Container

The durable 10 liter Mazzi™ container was invented specifically to streamline the collection, storage, and transport of milk in developing countries. The unique design helps smallholder farmers and other low-income stakeholders in the dairy value chain maximize their yield and reduce costly spillage and spoilage.

The Mazzi Advantage

The Mazzi container offers a cow-to-market solution optimized for the
unique needs of rural dairy value chains.


Unlike traditional jerry cans, the Mazzi container is made of durable, food-grade plastic that can be dropped or kicked without breaking.

Easy to Clean

The container can be easily cleaned by hand thanks to a large opening and a unique design that leaves no inaccessible areas where contaminants such as soil can hide.

Milking Funnel

Mazzi's black funnel secures to the top of the container to help farmers capture milk, reduce contaminants, and identify signs of udder infection during milking. The sieve-like opening on the funnel also limits spills if the container is kicked over or dropped.

Improved Yields

Smallholder farmers in developing countries, and in particular within sub-Saharan Africa, rely on milk as a critical source of income. Mazzi helps to maximize the amount of milk that makes it to market successfully, resulting in less spoilage and spillage and thus higher incomes for the farmers. Mazzi is also designed so it can be manufactured locally, such that all profits stay in the region.

Easy Transport

Mazzi's tethered lid not only offers a leak-proof seal, it also allows the containers to be stacked atop one another when transporting milk from the farm to collection centers and chilling stations. Single containers are also easily carried by hand, bike, truck, or animal.

Find Mazzi

Mazzi is available for sale today in Kenya via Ashut Engineers Limited, with plans to expand into Uganda, Tanzania, and other markets in sub-Saharan Africa. For more info on distribution, please click here.

Mazzi is also available for sale in Ethiopia via SNV Ethiopia, with additional plans to expand in Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. For more info on distribution, please contact

If you would like to bring Mazzi to your area, please contact

Global Good Partners with Nestlé to Help East Africa Small Dairy Farmers

Nestlé and Global Good are partnered to expand the use of Mazzi as a response to a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action to help smallholder dairy farmers in India, Peru, Morocco, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to maximize the quantity and quality of the milk they sell.Read more about their commitment to improving both lives and productivity.

About Mazzi

Mazzi was created by Global Good — a collaboration between Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures to invent, develop, and deploy technology that improves life in developing countries. Because of this, the Mazzi family of products will be made affordable for low-income stakeholders across the dairy value chain, and any profits from Mazzi sales in developing countries will remain with our local manufacturing and distribution partners.